This is where we talk about the models and futuristic expectations
While decentralization is a core web3 tenet, ML in web3 is still in its infancy. Although decentralized ML is gaining traction, Fimio’s current models and ML systems rely on centralized computation for service delivery.
Our model only captures on-chain data, specifically focusing on recognizing phishing and honeypot patterns within Ethereum smart contracts. Malicious behavior like rug pulls (i.e., developers create a token, pump up its value, and then leave with the token’s assets), social engineering (i.e., attackers attempting to steal information through social connections), and other kinds of similar exploits are outside the scope of the alpha 0.0.1 model. In addition, the alpha 0.0.1 model is capable of processing smart contracts that are up to approx 1000 lines of code.
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